So, what can Neurolinguistics do for you?

When we live our lives by "scripts" we create,

we oft times distort our Reality.

Thus you see, our brain creates a "map"

And once again, you understand that the "map" you have created

May have similarities to the one your domestication has built in your mind,

But just like a GPS, it represents a one level view of a 3-dimensional space-

"When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at will change."

Wayne Dyer, M.D.

And in the end?

Nothing & everything is the truth

once we realize that everything we  see

IS a perspective

and everything we hear an opinion.

NLP is a pragmatic school of thought (called an "epistemology")

It is a multi-dimensional process that involves the development

of behavioral competency and flexibility.

In Neuro-linguistics, the person with the greatest flexibility has the best advantage.

This is also true in Mediation


It involves Strategic Thinking and an understanding of

the mental and cognitive processes behind the behavior.

No one and I DO mean, no one,

can be harder to oneself than "us"

trouble being that we have to be so careful...

Now you will understand why given the gift of Empathy

and all the advanced training I have had in understanding

how and why the brain works as it does.

I can teach one to strategically think and understand what baggage they carry

from this lifetime or one of hundreds-even, thousands  of human experiences before.

It's such an intricate practice, yet it is quite simple to understand-it really is.

The mind (neuro) and language (linguistics) and how their interplay with one another

affects our bodies and behavior ("programming"=Human Domestication)

which determines the "models" that we build within our minds

of our perceptions of the world we create.

That might make you laugh, but you'd actually be surprised at JUST how often

people (mostly men, & no, I can't explain exactly WHY that is) actually DO ask.

I always answer,

"No, under hypnosis, you can't be made to do anything you don't WANT to do."

(but I usually add, of ALL the things you are worried I might have you do,

WHY does "bark like a dog" come to mind? Seriously, you watch too much TV.

Neurolinguistics is an understanding

not of the brain

but of how the mind, using the brain

expresses itself in your life and 

creates what you call your "experience."

Now, what hypnosis CAN do is open your mind to suggestions

but not to anything that is opposed to your Will.

Hypnosis is just a HIGHLY RELAXED STATE

which lowers "learned" resistances

to allow the scripts that run in your mind to re-write themselves.

Now, it is also referred to as NLP, or Neurolinguistic Programming.

Programming seems to be a word that often "puts' people off...

they think it might be some form of "mind control," (which many feel hypnosis is.)

Now, I'm also a Certified Hypnotherapist & I can assure you, hypnosis is NOT at all what you may think.

NO. I cannot make anyone do anything that is against their Will.

And yes, I get asked often if I can make someone bark like a dog? Seriously?!

Neurolinguistics also differs from Psychology because it combines philosophy and techniques

that are derived from a "specialized" form of studying people called "modeling"

Now, a great percentage of the work I help others to understand and to use to their advantage

is the understanding of "human domestication." 

As we experience Life from the moment of our Birth, throughout our exposure to many experiences,

we observe and identify how things happen, or how others think or behave to obtain a desired outcome

and we learn to "model" ourselves after those things

by learning in detail how to produce the same outcomes.

But by the same reasoning, we can choose NOT to model a behavior

if the outcome is something that we do NOT want to reproduce.

It works both ways.